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Statement on Kratom Regulation in Czechia

European Kratom Alliance warmly welcomes the efforts of the Czech Pirate Party and National Drug Policy Coordinator, Mr. Vobořil, to regulate the usage of Kratom in the Czech Republic. 


The current situation, where there is virtually no regulation concerning the sales and usage of Kratom, is deeply problematic. The Czech Kratom market is one of Europe’s most developed markets. Kratom is sold virtually everywhere. However, lack of legal oversight leads to many troubling situations where Kratom is sold to minors and school children. European Kratom Alliance and Czecho-Slovak Kratom Association (ČSAK) would like to strongly condemn those immoral and harmful practices. 


We want to applaud the Czech Pirate Party for taking the bold, pioneering stance on regulating Kratom in Europe. We hope that more countries will follow the example of the Czech Republic, which chose regulation over prohibition. As a consumer advocacy group, EKA, together with ČSAK, will do its best to contribute to developing that legislation. 


At the same time, we would like to thank our partners and friends in the Czech Republic for defending our rights to Kratom’s safe and responsible consumption. Particularly we would like to thank our partners at ČSAK, Mr. Vobořil (National Drug Policy Coordinator) l and Ms. Michalidu (Pirate Party), for their efforts and working with us on that regulation. 


“It is easy to fall victim to fear and misinformation, when Kratom is currently in the gray zone and virtually unknown to the general public. That causes a lot of misinformation about Kratom, That’s why we at EKA, strive to bring you truth and unbiased information about our beloved plant. We choose love and reason over fear, and will fight for our safe consumption of Kratom in Europe. It’s time that we will work on systemic solutions and not blanket bans that lead to more tragedies.” – Jakub Zientala, Governmental Affairs Manager, European Kratom Alliance. 


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