Board of


European Kratom Alliance is led by a dedicated board of directors, who oversee most of the day-to-day activities of our foundation. The board is responsible for undertaking and execution of the strategic decisions, that impact the future of Kratom in Europe.

Jakub Zientala
Jakub ZientalaGovernance and Advocacy Director
Jakub has served on various technical committees, and local/international organizations that have developed multiple cutting edge projects; giving a platform to and amplifying the voices of young people in policymaking in Europe and the MENA Region.

He’s an active element of the International Civil Society; having led different youth-focused Civil Organizations over the last couple of years. In EKA, Jakub leads our advocacy efforts to legalize and regulate kratom.

Ralf LangnerBoard Member
Ralf has been a passionate natural health advocate for more than two decades. After his study of Ethnology and Pharmacology in Germany, he became an investigative journalist and has worked on numerous international projects.

Dedicated to the cause, he became the international project coordinator for the natural health movement behind the scientific breakthrough of Micronutrient Therapies. Thanks to the pressure of this outspoken grassroots movement, the EU Supplement Directive and related Health Claims directive were changed – from an outspoken ban towards a crucial tool for EU citizens to access and educate themselves on the health benefits of micronutrients. He produced countless educational videos and is known for his entertaining seminars on natural health. Ralf is a supporter and German volunteer affiliate of the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH)

Manuel NussbaumerPresident
Manuel is a pioneer in the European Kratom market. He has discovered Kratom early on and saw big potential for humanity. In 2012 he founded Mambog BV and in 2013 he Co-founded Bigtrea BV. Manuel is very knowledgeable about kratom and is the main initiator of EKA. He is an accomplished businessman and strategist.