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The European

Kratom Alliance

The European Kratom Alliance Stichting (EKA) is dedicated to protecting the rights of Europeans to consume Kratom safely and responsibly. EKA believes in the principles of harm reduction, science, and social justice. EKA strives to promote and fight for the following issues:

The promotion of education about the plant Kratom and its (medicinal) effects – EKA is committed to science. For decades, Kratom has been demonized and mischaracterized. With new research emerging all the time, EKA wants to show the truth about Kratom, and fight the numerous misconceptions about it.

Regulating and standardizing Kratom in Europe – The legal situation of Kratom in Europe is very unclear. We strive to collaborate with legislators across the European continent on behalf of Kratom users and vendors to create a legislative pathway for safe, legal and responsible use of Kratom.

Funding of the research related to Kratom – In order to fight numerous misconceptions that arose over decades, EKA is willing to support research on Kratom.

Commitment to sustainability and replanting of the rainforest in South-East Asia- Kratom is an evergreen tree that is native to the rainforest of South East Asia. Its cultivation has the potential to help and restore the natural ecosystem of the region, which has been decimated by decades of industrial farming.

Encouraging fair trade practices between European Kratom sellers and producers from Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Malaysia – EKA wants to encourage the fair-trade exchanges that empower producers of Kratom.

One of the goals of the European Kratom Alliance (EKA) is to ensure that responsible citizens have access to high standard, uncontaminated Kratom. The EKA considers this right to access traditional herbs as a basic human right for responsible citizens.

But with this right of access also comes the responsibility to inform yourself extensively before using Kratom. EKA will support scientific studies and independent public health information in the future.

Guided by the values EKAs strieves to achieve its mission of promoting harm reduction, education, and awareness about Kratom. The EKA believes in promoting consumer rights, environmental sustainability, social justice, and responsible business practices.

The European Kratom Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting consumer rights and environmental sustainability. We believe that Kratom has great potential as a natural remedy, but we also recognize the importance of ensuring that it is safe and of high quality.

To achieve our goals, we advocate for the regulation and standardization of Kratom in Europe, to ensure that consumers have access to safe and healthy Kratom products. We also work to establish minimum standards for Kratom by negotiating with vendors to establish minimal testing requirements. We aim to build sustainable partnerships with Kratom vendors and producers in Europe and Southeast Asia, promoting fair trade and sustainable practices, while also fostering intercultural understanding through trade and exchange. We also promote research on Kratom products and their impact on the environment and human health to better inform our education and awareness initiatives.

We are committed to mitigating the environmental impact of Kratom production and supporting the regrowth of rainforests in Southeast Asia. Additionally, we plan to create a communication platform with Kratom users to facilitate information-sharing, engagement, and feedback between the organization and its stakeholders.

Finally, we aim to create local advocacy groups based on country to engage with consumers, producers, and other stakeholders at the grassroots level. These groups would help build support for the organization’s mission by promoting education and awareness about Kratom and advocating for sustainable and responsible practices in the Kratom industry.

Join us in our efforts to promote consumer rights and environmental sustainability through responsible Kratom use.

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