The Traditional Use of Kratom


Kratom boasts a long history of use for a variety of purposes in Southeast Asia, including for its perceived medical value, antifatigue properties, and recreational appeal. The traditional use of kratom likely predates the first

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Kratom Use for Self-medication


Kratom leaves are believed to possess medicinal value and have an extensive history of folk medicine use for self-treatment of various indications. Its preparation consists of extracts derived from the leaves of a tree known

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Jakub Zientala of European Kratom Alliance Returns


Jakub Zientala is co-founder and Government Relations Manager of the European Kratom Alliance. He has appeared on KSP episodes #82 and #96.In this episode we have an update about regulation of kratom as a

Jakub Zientala of European Kratom Alliance Returns2023-08-18T10:32:51+02:00


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