Earlier today, on December 8th the United Nations Office on Crime and Drugs has published the report with the recommendations from WHO’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence.

The report concludes that the current scientific record doesn’t find anything that would warrant making Kratom a schedule 1 drug. The report further recommends that Kratom should be kept under observation. It means that Kratom will remain legal for some time to come.

We, at European Kratom Alliance like the rest of the people in the kratom world, have accepted this report with a sigh of relief. It is not perfect news, but good enough to let us focus on our job. Keeping Kratom legal!

You can read more about how Kratom became a target of WHO and UNOCD in the article written by Martin Jesma from Transnational Institute, which you can find on our website.

If you want to read the report yourself, you do it here: